Un peu de succès

Tonight's rehearsal, while not without it's flaws, was an exciting one!  There were invited guests who, in this particular rehearsal space, looked down upon us from the balcony, not unlike the trial chamber in All Good Things....  Except, they weren't jeering us.  I found myself wondering who they might be, how they came to be invited and what they thought of the run-through.  They even applauded as desired. 

I received kind compliments this evening from several of the principals.  Two important individuals, including André Barbe, even took time to tell me that my detail-oriented violin "playing" is much appreciated by the director.  I guess all that cereal box- and ballpoint pen-work is paying off!  The trill and the tremolo I've got down, but there is still work to be done on the vibrato and the fingering. 

Only one large stop interrupted the flow of all five acts and I'm sure that mistake will not happen again. As the evening wore on our "audience" thinned out leaving only about 25 folks by the "curtain".  Our next rehearsal will be in the Shubert Theatre and I am looking forward to seeing this show come to life.


Michael said...

I LOVE the Star Trek reference!

You are doing a splendid job of documenting these experiences. I feel very much a part of this exciting time! And am quite happy for you!

So much so, I am contemplating catching one of the performances...

Andy said...

"Not unlike the trial chamber in All Good Things...."

My first thought was of Q dressed as the judge of humanity and then I thought "Wait a minute. Maybe there's another meaning behind 'All Good Things...'" so I clicked on the link.

Wow - who knew that you were a Next Gen fan? Well, quite possibly a lot of people know that about you - but I didn't.