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Last night I had my fitting for the upcoming Boston Lyric Opera production of Les Contes d'Hoffmann.

I called the costumers early to find out if there was anything special I needed to do or if I should enter through a backdoor of some kind.  "Oh, I'm so glad you called!" said Lynn.  "We were trying to reach you because the fitting before yours ended early.  Could you come now?"

"Oh!"  I replied in a startled manner, as it was 90 minutes before I was scheduled to be there.  "Okay... I'm walking out the door now.  I'll get there as soon as I can."  I set off thanks to my demoralizingly co-dependent partner in transportation, the MBTA, despite recent negative interactions.

With as much haste as the MBTA could muster, I made it to Costume Works, Inc., and walked through their blue door into the magical world that is a costume shop: sewing mannequins scattered about in various states of undress; shelves full of top hats; bolts of fabric lying around various workspaces; bins of snaps and trims and buttons; racks of costumes parked at purposeful angles; patterns laid out and demarcated by fabric pens, shears and pin cushions.

Gail and Lynn were welcoming and pleasant and ready to go.  I was shuttled into a fitting area where the fun began.  There was even appropriate signage on the wall:

A "before" photo:

At an intermediate point in the fitting process, I looked curiously not unlike my friends the Kristos, if only slightly less flexible.  Perhaps I'll save that image for another photo-caption give-away...

Lynn pinned a few things while Gail made notes:

My sort-of-transformed look:

But that's not all!  There will be more...


albertmchan said...

Wow, that's hot. I can't wait to see you on stage!

Dave in L.A. said...

Ha! That's awesome!