The time has come

Well, blog readers, the time has come.  It is time to post your haiku, limerick or English sonnet which argues why you, the blog reader, should be the one to receive these ever-so-fabulous tickets to the by-invitation-only Boston Lyric Opera dress rehearsal of Les Contes d'Hoffmann, and the subsequent and ever-so-hard-to-get guest bloggership at my blog

Do you need to review the guidelines for participation?  Please read this post as a reminder. 

You have approximately 38 hours from the time of this post to publish your brilliant creation in order to have it considered.  I look forward to reading what you have to say!


Michael said...

Alas, Alack - Blather and Blatherskite!
Opportunity aris'n too soon-
For a gig in Phoenix requireth flight.
This time my living dream reveals no boon.

A plane to Sonoran scene doth depart
Scant hours after dress rehearsal will end.
And, not knowing when desert gig doth start,
Chance timing does not hapiness portend.

An alternate path, then it seems I take -
Still, to your BLO debut I go.
Friends many will I see! (make no mistake -
You are the catalyst, oh, don't you know.)

My poetic talents would win the tix,
But I acquiesce - please make other picks.

'Whalehead' King said...

There once was a man from Dorchester,
Some people call it Poor-chester,
He can't get a ticket,
So like Lemony Snickett,
He hopes to get in via Worchester.

(of course I'll have to drive to Worchester to take the train in to make this real. Thanks for the opportunity though. I'm sure you'll be great and best wishes.)

'Whalehead' King said...

oh...by the way (2). I am sure my significant other would like to compare notes. She's okay too (2).