My first look inside

Today's Boston Lyric Opera rehearsal was so fun! I arrived not knowing what to expect and rather nervous. I didn't know:

  • what the space would be like
  • who would be there
  • how many people would be present
  • what the working process would entail
  • what the general attitude might be
  • if I was dressed appropriately (I opted for business casual with jeans in a bag just in case.)

Michèle Losier, playing Nicklausse, was most friendly and introduced herself straightaway, as did rehearsal pianist Damien. Things got underway right on time and Matthew DiBattista, playing Offenbach (among others), hit the nail on the head regarding director Renaud Doucet saying to me, "this [staging] will be quick." And it was. Efficiency is just as I like it. The director is personable, friendly, knowledgeable and knows precisely what he wants of his talent. He doesn't waste time or mince words and he does it all with witty flair--and great glasses.

What was even more enjoyable was that much of the rehearsal was conducted in French! Since several of the principals, the director and the pianist speak it, not to mention moi, and since the production will be performed en Français, it was most practical. Furthermore, we were a small group this morning, so it only enhanced the intimate nature of the group.

About an hour into staging the conductor arrived. It took me about ten minutes before a smile crossed my face with the realization, Oh...that's Keith Lockhart! I mean, I realize the man doesn' t live in a tuxedo and carry a baton at all hours, but even still, there is something humanizing and relaxing about about seeing a well-known individual in person, wearing street clothes and looking normal.

On a professional note: it turned out to be strangely awkward for me to learn blocking with music, but sans singing. I was having to make mental notes of others' recits relative to my marks. But, now I know and I'm that much more prepared for the next rehearsal.


Chris said...

Best of luck with the production! May you get hired in the future based on a reputation as a trusted and valued colleague rather than going through the pain and suffering of all those dreadful auditions.

Andy said...

This sounds like an awesome production. Please be sure to let your faithful blog readers know what dates the performances are scheduled for.

Alecia said...

Hi, Chris--

Yes! I hope I can be hired again given a good reputation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as I'm responsible, professional, good with my languages and I sing well. :)

Alecia said...

Thanks for the reminder, Andy. I'll post the dates in the sidebar soon.