Don your thinking caps!

Hi, folks!  It's giveaway time again at professional auditionee and I wanted to give you the low-down.

This time the prize is two tickets to the special-invitation-only dress rehearsal of Boston Lyric Opera's Les Contes d'Hoffmann *and* a guest blog spot on my blog.  Never seen an opera?  Really like opera?  Never even heard of opera?  Well, no matter.  Now you have a chance to see this fantastic production for free on me!   

Don't wig out just because it's sung in French--there will be supertitles in English.  Plus, the show's really funny.  Who needs English when the music and the comedy will communicate it all for you?  (Oh, and there's some kissing, too.) 

When will this dress rehearsal be happening, you ask?
7:00 PM on Wednesday, 5 November 2008.  No late seating and--yes--you must be available to go.  I don't give away tickets to no-show folks.

How long is this show, you ask?
Three (3) hours' running time, with two intermissions.

How do I win these awesome tickets, you ask?
Well, there are some quids pro quo:

  1. You must (must!) be available to attend the dress rehearsal.  
  2. You must (must!) be willing to write a blog post as a guest author reviewing the production and providing your impressions of the show, which will be posted here--at this very blog--on Friday morning, 7 November 2008.
  3. You must (must!) include the number of tickets you'd like in parenthetical notation somewhere on your entry.  Since there are only two tickets to be given away you may list (1) or (2).  If you list (1) then I may select two winners with a (1) ticket request, or, I may still pick one winner with a (2) ticket request. 
  4. You must (must!) post a comment at the requisite blog entry explaining why you should be selected and/or why you want to attend this dress rehearsal.  Your comment must be in a strict verse form of either haiku, limerick, or English sonnet structure.  
  5. Only one (1) entry per person per post. 

When will I get to post my witty reasonings, you ask?
Sometime tomorrow morning the official request for entries will be posted here, at this very blog!  I will be announcing the posting via my Twitter feed, should time be of the essence to you, and you may subscribe to my feed to be in-the-know.

Is there a deadline?, I hear you inquire. 
Indeed, there is.  I will only be reviewing those entries that are received by Midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, 1 November 2008.

How will the winner(s) be selected, you ask?
Basically, I'm going to pick the one(s) that I like the most based on wittiness, economy and savviness. 

So, take your time.  Think about your strategy.  Plan ahead.  Scribble a few drafts now.  Be brilliant!  Be funny!  Surprise me!  I'm looking forward to reading what you'll create and I know you'll enjoy the show.

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