A thought on today

This past Sunday, while working at Old South Church, one of the hymns I had to sing was Thomas Troeger's setting of his text "Praise the Source of Faith and Learning" to Rowland Prichard's Welsh tune Hyfrydol. As I was singing along I found the following verse simultaneously curious and thought-provoking in light of today's history:

May our faith redeem the blunder of believing that our thought
has displaced the grounds for wonder which the ancient prophets taught.
May our learning curb the error which unthinking faith can breed
lest we justify some terror with an antiquated creed.


Amelia said...

Thanks for sharing that thought. His words are especially more profound in reflection on all that has occured in the world on that frightful day and since.

Andy said...

These are words to think about. What an amazingly relevant thought for this day and age. Thanks for sharing, Alecia.