An Open Letter to the MBTA

Dear MBTA,

This morning, I utilized the online trip planning tool at the MBTA web site to plan my route to an audition for a print campaign.  I wanted to travel efficiently from point A to point B.  Unfortunately, things did not go as scheduled. 

The train I was to catch came late.  When it did arrive, it got me to my stop quickly.  I hastily walked three-quarters of a mile uphill in heels to the audition location.  Why?  Because the scheduled bus I was to board did not arrive.  Three buses "NOT IN SERVICE" did pass me while I hustled on my way, though.  I arrived rather warm and late.  Too late.  I would not be seen.  I could not audition.  I was permitted to leave a photo, but inside, I was fuming.

Could it have something to do with the conversation I overheard last night while on another bus?  The driver was chatting to a friend, both apparently unaware that I remained on the bus alone and very quiet. 

"They're trying to organize a work slowdown," he said, "instead of a strike."

"Yeah?" his friend nodded.

"Yeah.  You know: make sure everyone pays; don't depart until all the passengers are behind the line; drive below the speed limit--all to make everything run behind schedule."

Could it have begun so soon?  I had relied upon the schedule provided to get to my audition in a timely manner.  What folly!  I had depended upon the MBTA!  I depend upon the MBTA. 

What is to be done, MBTA?  Will you do anything?  Can you do anything?  I'm waiting.



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Andy said...

I know that on the commuter rail they don't even consider a train to be late until after 30 minutes has passed. 30 minutes late on my morning commute is a lifetime.

Good luck fighting the system!