Knowing is half the battle

Man, man, man!  Yesterday was one heck of a day.

I awoke at 5 AM, was dressed as an MIT student and out the door by 6:15 AM, backpack, hat and all.  Despite recent troubles with the MBTA, I was willing to give it a second chance notwithstanding the bizarre route map provided.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did the designated bus arrive, but I arrived at my destination early.  I checked in and took a seat with the other "MIT students" and "MIT professors".  I elected to wear one of my engaging, nerdy T-shirts:

It's not unlike nerdy shirts I've seen at MIT previously.  (One of my faves.)  Howevever, my shirt was deemed "too bright" for the shot; I took it off to reveal the turtleneck beneath.  Moreover, while the description for wardrobe read:
"Beginning of Fall weather, similar to now.  NO SHORTS OR SHORT SLEEVES.  NO WINTERY LOOKING CLOTHING  (heavy jackets, vests, etc.)  Light sweaters are okay...We suggest wearing 2 layers"
and since autumn had begun only four days prior, and especially since everyone had followed the direction provided, of course we were all dressed incorrectly.  We had to remove all coats and secondary layers.  People in t-shirts were highly desired.  When it's 57 degrees outside, we all enjoy wearing as little clothing as possible, I know.  I was asked if I had another wardrobe option other than my cute t-shirt and the close-fitting turtleneck I had on.  I didn't, so they settled for my turtleneck.  Once we got to set, the shot was very quick (thank goodness!  I was a popsicle!) and we wrapped in less than two hours, leaving me much of the day to rehearse and get other tasks and errands completed. 

At rehearal yesterday evening, I was in great voice even though I'd awoken so early.  I felt very confident in my singing which worked to my advantage, I think, as I was given a last-minute solo in an impromptu quartet to be performed Sunday.  However, the director seemed totally out of sorts and in some kind of weird funk, which left everyone in the ensemble perturbed.  Nothing we could ask/do/sing/suggest was deemed appropriate or was well-received.  Quite a few of us were barked at in a harsh tone.  It was quite frustrating and I left rehearsal rather angry.  Hopefully the director will get all quirks resolved prior to Sunday's performance.


ellen said...

How do you attach a pocket protector to a turtle neck?

Sean Fitzroy said...

Cute shirt!

Alecia said...

How to attach a pocket protector to a turtleneck? Very carefully, ellen.