Give the T a chance

After my last post garnered so much attention, I thought I might give the MBTA one more chance. Tomorrow I'll be working on the Nicolas Cage/Alex Proyas project, Knowing. So, once again, I went to the MBTA web site to use the practical trip planning tool to scout a route to one of the locations.

This is part of the map I was provided:

Do you see a problem? I do. Some might think this is the route of a subway train. It's not. It's the route of a bus. Apparently, it might take a hard right, plow through the BU campus, cross a major thoroughfare and ford the Charles River. Should I be concerned for my safety? Perhaps this is a new way to keep MBTA vehicles on schedule.

My call time is early tomorrow and I'm planning to leave earlier than necessary to get there. I'll let you know if I arrive on time.

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Michael Pahre said...

The route is probably being serviced by a duck boat...