Say it with a smile

So, in a few days I'll be auditioning for an industrial video segment. As I've mentioned before, industrial videos and commercials aren't the end-all be-all for me. But, they can be a nice source of income. However, getting to it is always a challenge. The last industrial I really wanted I didn't get. I "did a wonderful job" in that audition (as I do in many of my auditions, thank you very much), but my "look and performance was too close" to that of another talent they already used. They said they'd like to "keep me in mind for future projects". I haven't heard from them, but perhaps not enough time has elapsed.

For this upcoming audition, I'll be reading some copy for the part of a product spokesperson. I know they're looking for a woman for this role, so I won't have to compete with men, but I will be up against friends I know. In this particular market, the world is quite small and it's simple to know everyone. I don't expect to have any copy in advance, so I'll be doing all the research I can, planning a snazzy outfit and practicing my speaking-smile in the mirror.

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