One bad day

Today began with such promise. At 6:45 AM I received a last-minute (dare I say, desperate?) email message from a casting director wanting me to audition for two roles mid-day today in Providence. However, I knew I had other commitments including another, previously booked audition and a meeting. So, I explained to the CD my inability to get to Providence and inquired, instead, if I might upload some videos for the client to consider. The CD replied quickly stating "let's try posting the video." Awesome!

Immediately, I emailed my meeting partner to explain the situation and indicating I would aim to arrive by 10:15. (The meeting was scheduled for 10 AM, mind you.) I hastily began doing hair and makeup while working on lines. I set up the camera, put on my first outfit, waited for the workers outside to stop their yelling and recorded the first take of the first role. Upon review, I thought it was good and used that take. I cropped the end to get rid of the jackhammer noise and uploaded it. One audition down. Excellent!

For the second audition, I changed into my second outfit, which was really my outfit for my audition later in the day. I then tried to wait for my upstairs neighbor to stop blasting some strange country music/Björk-like blend quite so loudly before beginning on the second role. I'd like to say I did it in one take, but that is not the case. It took five. (Perhaps I'll post some outtakes, but be forewarned: there are some not-nice words contained therein.) I used the last one which was the best of the lot, and uploaded it. Two down!

I hoofed it to the bus stop, and got there later than I wanted to: about 10:05 AM. There was a bus just pulling away. Man! However, knowing the MBTA penchant for bus caravans, I figured another bus would be arriving any minute. C'mon bus. C'mon bus. Where are you? Where was the bus! Aarrrgggh! No bus. No bus! Needless to say, aggravation was present. At about 10:30 AM I pulled out my phone to call my meeting partner. Oh, a missed call. From the meeting partner. I didn't even bother checking the message and called straightaway. I tried to explain the bus was late and that waiting for the bus I didn't hear my phone and that I would be there shortly, but it was succinctly conveyed to me that there was no time to chat, things were not going well, and that I should be there. I could tell there were other people listening in on this conversation and I wrapped things up by saying a bus was coming and I would be there in five to seven minutes. And I was.

I walked straight into the meeting and held my own for the next 90 minutes. The meeting broke up. I finally listened to that voicemail message. It was lovely. It seemed like my partner was trying to show me up in front of other people. "It seems you've forgotten about our meeting." Yeah. No. I had not forgotten. I was waiting for the bus.

A little while later, my meeting partner felt the need to discuss the matter with me, observing me to be unprofessional and irresponsible. Yep. That's me. Unprofessional and irresponsible. I listened attentively and tried to communicate politely. Then, later on, my meeting partner felt the need to email me about the matter, summing up the morning's events, calling me "disrespectful", stating that I "demonstrated poor judgement" and CCing other people on the message. I responded politely and courteously, doing the best I could to diffuse a seemingly never-ending bad situation.

Time came for me to go to my third audition. I hopped in a cab. While in the car I warned the cabbie I needed to talk to myself and I proceeded to rehearse the lengthy copy. He chuckled and turned down the radio. I arrived with ten minutes to spare. Oh, no... I had forgotten to bring a headshot and resume. How could I be so dumb?! I went in and explained I had forgotten to bring my headshot/resume. The casting associate shrugged slightly, told me it was okay and proceeded to record my audition anyway. On my way out, I asked how long the associate would be there. "Almost another hour." Great! I offered to run home, get my photo and dash back. And that's just what I did.

I hopped in another cab and asked the driver to step on it. I dashed in, grabbed a photo and stepped back out. Hmm. Bus or cab? A bus is cheaper. A cab is faster. Cab. Oh, great. I have to go to an ATM. So, I went to the ATM. I flagged down yet another cab who had evidently just come on duty. "I have to stop and get change, okay? Or, can you pay for your fare?" I couldn't as I'd just been to an ATM. Instead, I asked him to go straight to the location to save time, indicating I would run in, drop off my photo, and then run to an adjacent bar to get change and pay him. And that's just what happened. He was well-tipped.

After so much darting about I opted to stroll home. It was a lovely day. Upon arriving home I discovered another voicemail message from my meeting partner left earlier in the day, wondering where I was and asking me to call. ¡Ay, Dios mío! $30 in cab fares. Three auditions. Getting a gig out of any one of them would be a miracle.


Andy said...

I admire your perserverence under such trying circumstances. Waiting for and being thrown under a bus by your meeting partner is a tough day.

mnp17 said...

Hey Alecia! I felt your pain reading this. I too felt harried that day! Got back from NYC late Monday night knowing I needed to be at Maura T's for a 3 pm audition. I slept in and lo' and behold, there's an email from Annie except by now, it was 11 am! Yikes! I was torn cuz I didn't honestly see how I could manage both (if only I'd washed and styled my hair BEFORE I went to bed! LOL). So, I passed on that one and just headed up to Boston....
What a nice reward that after such a crazy day, you still booked! I'm deducing that you landed either oh-so-helpful woman or medical assistant, because I got the call today that I booked the industrial! YAY for both of us!! Your blogs are such an entertaining read. :)
:) Margot

P.S. Thanks so much for sharing, because I don't think it would've dawned on me that I could actually ASK one of the local casting directors if I could send them my audition over the internet! Kudos to you for going out on a limb and scoring! True what they say..you never know unless you ask. If you would be willing to divulge, I'd love to know more about what kind of a set-up you use and what channels you use to upload...I have several options available to me, but I'm not sure what would work best in this case. And one of these days, I'd love to come hear you sing. (My late father was an opera hobbyist and aficionado. ;))