Guessing Game

Earlier this week I was invited to audition for a role in a major television series. When I spoke with one of the casting assistants, it was mentioned that--at some point--lines would be provided in advance. Well, 24 hours later I hadn't received anything, yet, so I sent a polite email message. No response, but I wasn't surprised. They're busy--I know that. So, I waited a few more hours and made a phone call just to make sure I wasn't missing anything important. I was told the "lines haven't been released, yet." Okay. Fine. Perhaps they're trying to give all auditionees the same amount of prep time. Well, I've since received a message telling me there "are only a few lines"--and those lines weren't included in the message. So, I know nothing. Nothing about the role, the character, the lines, the scene. Nothing. So, I'll have to make my best educated guess. Oh. Can it be called "educated"? Perhaps just my best guess.

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