Doin' it in the car

My friend Sarah says, "I always have my best audition in the car on the way back." And she's right. This morning, I had my best audition in the car on my way back from auditioning for a role in a major TV series. I got to the audition locale early. I primped in the car, hoped the outfit I had selected could be readily modified as needed, and went in and patiently read a copy of SOCO Magazine that was lying about until the CD was ready for me.  There was no copy to be had in advance, as it was only a few lines.  So, I was provided a summary of the scene before going into the room and I had a chance to skim that page from the script.  I was offered two takes and I was asked to slate my height, which is unusual.  On the way back, all of these brilliant ideas popped into my head based on the minimal descriptors in the script.  Why don't these come to me when I need them?!?  I could have done much more than I did.  At this point, all I can do is hope my look and my height are enough to carry me to the callbacks.   

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Andy said...

Good luck, Alecia! Keep us posted!