AT&T and me?

So, just a few minutes ago, a good friend of mine directed me to the AT&T Olympics commercial "We" posted below. She heard it earlier today and played it back three times on her DVR, in complete disbelief.

"Oh my gosh! Is that Alecia?"

 [DVR rewind.]

"Well, it sounds like Alecia..."

[DVR rewind again.]

"I'm sure that's Alecia! I'll have to ask her."

I'll let you judge for yourself:


Andy said...

That sure sounds like you. Is it?

Diana said...

Kinda sounds like you, but I say no, it's not you!

ellen said...

It's you.

Tom said...

so is it you?

Amelia said...

Although I know it's not you, it might as well be. You would have been perfectly cast for this voiceover. In fact, probably better than whomever is actually speaking! Am I biased???? Maybe...a little!