To go or not to go

So, yesterday, a great-sounding short film opportunity popped up. I campaigned hard to get an audition. I received an email response this morning. This is what part of it says:

OK - Be sure you understand the time commitment, and what the job is
all about, this is a low-paying short film for a website...
I received over 100 emails to try out for [this role] already, and the other
roles are just "showing up" -- so it's going to be BUSY at the [audition location]...
You may have a long wait when you get there...

Call-Back auditions have also been added for TUESDAY, JULY 8, between
10am and Noon, back at [the audition location]

If you're still interested... Check the available audition times at:
[URL here]
So, do I go? I think I'd be great in the part if I got cast. Do I not go? It sounds like it could be a very long wait with a lot of competition, and I already know it's a very low-paying gig with a relatively large time commitment. But, it could have great exposure in the end, especially if it is of a high-quality. I'm feeling diffident.

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