The reds may have it

Today I auditioned for another "young mom" spot.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was walking into, but I was fairly certain it was for a television commercial.  There was no copy in advance and no storyboard posted anywhere on arrival.  However, what was visibly self-evident was the large number of infants in the waiting area.  Don't worry.  They brought their moms with them.  What was even more obvious was the number of redheads.  There were three redheaded infants between the ages of 6 and 11 months, a few towheaded infants, and one with very dark hair.  All were boys.  There were also three redheaded "moms" and some blonde "moms" loitering about.  I signed in, got my photo taken and began to wait.  Contributing to the child chaos was the fact that another commercial was being cast simultaneously, and all the auditionees were boys between ages 8 and 12. 

I had prepared my best "harried mom" look.  Some of the other moms looked and dressed more like models, having finely coiffed locks, and some looked like they'd had a lot of work done.  After about 15 minutes of waiting, I inquired if there was copy or anything to look at.  I was told it was just "improv work".  I could do improv work.  So, since it seemed they were running late, I started getting to know people.

Soon thereafter, I was called into the room with a cute blonde baby who was 11 months old.  He was a talker.  I was asked to slate first.  The casting associate said, "Okay, Jennifer.  I need you to stand on the blue X and slate your name for the camera."  Assuming the associate meant me, I stepped up to the blue X and said, "Hi.  My name is Alecia Batson."  Then the cute blonde baby took his mom to the blue X and slated for the camera.

The improv consisted of me holding the blonde baby in a few different, static poses.  There were some finger toys to keep him focused.  He was a little active, so I think I moved a bit more than I should have, and, considering there were no lines, I probably talked more than desired to keep him happy and attentive.  But, hopefully, this will illustrate that I am good with infants and could make things easier for the baby and the baby's mom while on-set. 

I just hope they pick a redheaded pair for the spot.

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