Chronology of a roller coaster

Thursday, 8:18 PM: CD sends email message seeking talent submissions to be considered for a recurring role in a major television series.  Audition appointments, if offered, will be sent on Friday.  I am in class.

Thursday, 11:41 PM: I send email message to CD, indicating I would love to be considered for the part. 

Friday, 4:13 PM: I receive email message from CD asking me to audition on Saturday at 11 AM.  Sides are attached. 

Friday, 5:02 PM: I email CD indicating I will be at the audition as requested.

Friday, 5:03 PM: I quickly scan the sides provided to get an overview of the role and the character. 

Friday, 5:06 PM: Knowing the character is a dental receptionist, I accost friend Diana, a former dental receptionist, to learn more about her experiences.  

Friday, 5:57 PM: I reserve car for transportation to audition location.

Friday, 6:41 PM: People-watching during dinner provides physical inspiration for the character.

Friday, 8:03 PM: I get down to the business of role preparation. 

Friday, 8:20 PM: I receive email from CD apologizing and indicating that the role has been cast.  I will be kept "in the loop" for other episodes.

Friday, 8:28 PM: I send thank-you email to CD for the audition opportunity.

Friday, 8:31 PM: I cancel car reservation.

Friday, 8:34 PM: I eat chocolate chip cookies.


Alecia said...

Thanks, Alina! I'll be posting another one soon. Keep reading!

Andy said...

Was there milk with the cookies? Because, really, what are cookies without milk?

Alecia said...

Yes, there was milk.

Diana said...

Oh no, that's too bad! Sorry it didn't work out, but I hope you got a kick out of my dental office stories anyway!