A tip-off

Today I had a voice over audition. It's rare for me to be called in to audition for a voice over spot; that's what the demos are for. Typically, I'm called to record a demo or I'm called (and thereby booked) to record some spots. But, what the heck! I'm not above an audition. So, I went in.

This particular audition took place at the CD's office and not at a studio, which is a less-expensive way for the client to try to select talent. (Psst--it's so they don't have to pay for studio time. Shh!) Conveniently, I was asked to read the part of "Woman" and I was paired with a cute guy who read "Employee". Upon entering the room, we could see the client who said, "Hi." There was one stand and one mic and two of us. So, the tall, cute guy kindly agreed to sit on a stool. We both put our copies of the copy on the lone stand and proceeded to read "across the mic", as my audition partner pointed out. We did three takes, taking direction from the CD in-between each. At the conclusion, the CD was complimentary, saying something like, "That was good guys, thanks. You made good changes." I'm beginning to wonder if I should have done more of a character-y voice, though, and less of the "straight" voice that was requested. I don't know. I've never gotten a voice over gig from this CD, so I don't know why things would change, now.

I think it would be good to get this gig. I think it went well. I don't really know how I did, though. It was hard to tell. It's always hard to tell. Someone I know would say, "You always say that, Alecia." And, it's true. I do.

On the way back, I got caught in the havoc that is a sea of over-tired New Englanders dressed in kelly green and white cheering on the Celtics' rolling rally, which happened to be taking place at just that moment. However, the cabbie was so nice about it. He didn't charge me a thing! Looking back on it, I think I should have tipped him, though. Note to self...

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