Reminiscin' this 'n' that

You may not know that I used to work at Disney World. In fact, I used to work for Walt Disney World Entertainment. (It's quite possible you've had your photo taken with me and you didn't even know it!) However, I didn't start out there. I began my first few months with Disney as a "quick-service food and beverage hostess". I worked frequently in Liberty Square, Adventureland and Frontierland. (It's quite possible you purchased a baked potato, a sweet potato, a churro, some Dole Whip®, or some Zephyrhills water from me and didn't even know it!)

I have a series of name tags, as I worked during a very exciting time. I have the pre-25th Anniversary name tag, the 25th Anniversary name tag, and the one pictured above, the post-25th Anniversary name tag.

Soon after beginning work there, I began scouting for auditions and going on as many as possible. And in just a few short weeks I was cast as and "approved in" several well-known characters who, for now, shall remain nameless. (That's another blog post.) I was based in Epcot; still the best zoo by my recounting. One of the great treats of working "sets" and "specials" was getting to meet so many great kids. Many times, they'd give us special notes and pictures and stickers, one of which is showcased here. Some were really personal notes, and some were just pages from coloring books. It was the overseas guests that really provided amazing gifts. (But that is for another post.) I wonder where Sarah is now?

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