Audition Hispanico

Today I auditioned for a company that produces a large number of industrial films. They were holding interviews/auditions for future projects and seeking talent with which to stock their rolls. This is not a locally-based group so audition-interviews were held in a hotel. They seemed rather together, as it were, because pre-audition email communications were facile and audition copy was provided in advance. And, this audition had been a referral, so it was kind of a step up from the standard we-don't-know-you types.

I was surprised how fluidly and how well the interview and the audition went. This group really seems to have its act together when it comes to not only scripting (they have a former Hollywood screenwriter) but also filming (they seem to have a small studio), and they like to do something a step beyond the traditional "industrial", utilizing humor, musical adaptations and--dare I say--dance. Plus, they're friendly and personable, and cover transportation. Hmm...too good to be true?

In this instance, I was of interest for my Hispanic accent. Yes. You read that correctly. My Hispanic accent. Didn't know that, did ya'? Yep. One of my many talents is that I can produce a very authentic Hispanic accent. But, before getting to the actual employ of my Hispanic accent in the audition-portion of the meeting, we had a nice chat about my background as a singer/actor/dancer. It's curious that none of this interaction was recorded in any format, including the actual audition which included two runs and some coaching in-between. Hmm...unusual.

Today's meeting was a positive experience. However, I don't expect to be hired for anything. The audition notice stated that they're seeking "ethnic actors". That's industry code for seeking "everybody but white actors." Asi es la vida.

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