Music to the rescue

Sometimes the best thing to do when auditions aren't the reigning force and gigs aren't working out is to return to practicing music full-force.

As you've read, no doubt, I've had a string of commercial auditions that really haven't materialized into anything, lately. During these past few days, I was asked to work two shoe shows, received an invitation to audition for a major audiobook company, and was invited to sing as part of as summer concert series. Fabulous! Due to previously existing conflicts, though, I had to turn down the shoe gigs. Grrr. The audiobook company wants me to audition for narration, which I really enjoy. However, due to contractual conflicts, I think it may not work out. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though, as it's not a done deal.) And as for the summer concert series, I'm currently selecting some material; we'll see how things evolve.

In addition to these items, I've been working to get back to my 14-16 hours of music practice a week. I've been kind of lax, lately, as auditions, meetings and other things have kind of eaten into my practice time. So, I've brought out some old selections to refresh them : the role of Ophélie from Ambroise Thomas' Hamlet; the role of Marie in Donizetti's La fille du régiment; some technical exercises. I also met up recently with a friend of mine who is a composer and asked him to write some new pieces to premiere later this year. It's this last bit I'm actually quite excited about. I selected some John Donne texts I really enjoy and provided them to him in the hope that he'll elect to set them for me. (Toes crossed!)

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