This afternoon, I had an "interview". At least it was sold to me as an interview. It turned out to be an audition with the same group who produced the Novell commercials I did at the end of 2006. However, walking into an audition with the mental prep of an "interview" is somewhat discombobulating.

I arrived about 15 minutes early to the "interview" location to find six other people already there, seated around a table and reading some paperwork. I also learned the session was running late even though the schedule said it wasn't to begin for another 15 minutes. Strange! Furthermore, I was told I, too, would receive "paperwork". The "paperwork" turned out to be three pages of directions for a game that the hired talent would "sell" to architects attending a conference. The game and associated competition would serve as a conduit for marketing a construction material.

It worked out well to arrive "late". The first three people to arrive were ushered into the not-quite-soundproof "interview" room first, so I had a chance to listen in on how things were being managed and realize that it was, in actuality, an audition. Once in the room, we took turns role-playing architect and "host" for the camera, the "host" explaining the rules of the game to the "architects".

All-in-all, yet another weird audition. Apparently, the talent selected will be cast from the tape, despite the fact the client was in the room, with photos of us from a picture-pull. (I can only assume a picture-pull was the method used to select the "interviewees".) Admittedly, I am indifferent about this gig. While I realize that many actors and singers really cannot afford to be choosers. if I am selected, great! I'll plan to enjoy myself. However, if I am not selected, I'm okay with that, too.

***UPDATE*** In an unusual turn of events, I actually received a call this evening telling me I was not hired for this job. Something's better than nothing, I guess.

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