Flat is faulty

Last night in rehearsal I was flat. I knew it. One of my closest friends knew it. I think anyone who had any sense of tonality could tell, really. It got better when we changed spaces. But, for whatever reason, in private rehearsal, my pitch is sound. (No pun, really.) It's good. It's solid. But, in ensemble rehearsal, I hear the piece differently, and I seem to be compensating by singing underpitch. Ick!

Knowing so is important, but I have only today and tomorrow to solve this matter and, while I know how to do it, I'm not sure I have all the time I'd like to practice. Furthermore, the Israeli Consul General will be in attendance and I'd rather not screw this up. Thankfully, my friend Carrie corrected some of my pronunciation so I won't look like an idiot or unwittingly insult the CG. That would suck. Perhaps a prayer to the music gods is in order.

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