An easy delivery

Several weeks ago I recorded some radio spots for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Just a few days ago, a good friend of mine called me because he'd heard someone like me on the radio in a spot for Blue Cross Blue Shield. I explained that it was probably me. He'd either heard one of two spots:




These are "naked" spots--no background audio or sound effects of any kind. Just voice. They're probably the most simple of spots, with their roots in mid-20th century radio endorsements, when the news or commercial announcer would take a moment to "pay the bills" by reading ad text for products like Borax or Clorox or Jell-O. (Yes, yes. Sometimes there was a jingle.) Famed radio talent Paul Harvey still retains this methodology in his daily News and Comment.

I'd say I've yet to hear me, but I've already got the tracks. (Plus, I don't really listen to commercial radio, which might put a damper on my chances on actually hearing it "live".)


Diana said...

You have such a nice voice on the radio! (In real life, too.)

Alecia said...

Thanks, Diana!

Fox In Detox said...

I've heard these on the radio and I agree..you have a great radio voice...but a much nicer face (stunning!).

I guess this means that you don't have a face for radio.. :o)

Alecia said...

Nice, fox in detox, nice...