Sunday morning was not a showcase of my best singing. I was phlegmy. I was worried about sounding flat. (Later, I was assured I wasn't.) I just felt "off". And, while I realize we all have those days, it doesn't mean I like them. Nonetheless, I received kind compliments from various individuals regarding my performance, and the Israeli Consul General didn't seem to be any the wiser about my perceptively subpar performance.

Then, yesterday evening, I helped to facilitate an all-actor meeting. Actorly meetings are interesting experiences. There is always a large amount of passion infused with a goodly dose of outspokenness dispensed liberally amongst a wide range of individuals, which typically results in a rather longer-than-planned event. I was serving as intermediary between attendees and the meeting organizers, collecting questions from the audience in anticipation of the evening's Q&A session. Exciting! (Umm, no. However, I was referred to as the "Vanna White" of the evening on more than one occasion! Perhaps it's my great smile.) What's really cool, though: I got to meet one of my blog readers there! That always puts a smile on my face.

Oh. Remember that credit card commercial? The one I auditioned for? I also learned they brought in a blonde actress from New York to play the role for which I was called back. Ugh. When will these Hollywood-ized teams hire people from the local area? We're just as good, often just as experienced and--many times--more professional. Oh, well. I'm crossing my fingers about that fast food spot. I'd make a cute waitress, I think.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to why this was entitled amalgam...since Dennis is a dentist I was particularly intrigued. But, I'm still confused. What was your thinking about this title...just curious. LEMME KNOW, :)

Alecia said...

Hey, Fred--

The more traditional definition of "amalgam" is, as a noun, a mixture or blend. So, since this is a mixture of bloggy thoughts, I just titled it "Amalgam".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have to tell you though after thinking about it a little longer and before I saw your response, I thought, "Oh maybe she was referring to her Vanna White smile!" Then I just felt silly for asking! So now I think it's both because, of course, you certainly have that Vanna White smile!
;) Fred