Sometimes life *is* a box of chocolates.

Tonight I attended the "Best of" showing for Boston's 48 Hour Film Project 2008. The film I was in, The Donor, was selected as one of the best of the approximately 90 movies that were created as part of this year's Project.

I walked into tonight's event with no expectations. I figured I'd go, I meet up with members of my team, maybe meet other people and watch some of the best 48 Hour films created this year. The Donor was shown smack in the middle of the evening's films. Some of the films were quite impressive; especially those with well-made opening and closing credits, and great scores.

At the end of the showing came the local awards, and the bestowing of the ultimate prize, the coveted "Best of Boston" title, which allows one film to go on to bigger and better competition levels and--potentially--$5,000. Our film did not garner the top award, but I must tell you I was quite surprised when The Donor took two of the approximately 20 awards announced!

The Donor was recipient of the "Best Line of Dialogue" award for my character's explanation of a Martha Stewart Living magazine, "It's the March issue." And it also received the "Best Use of Character" award for the involvement of the required character, Reginald H. Higginbotham, a diplomat, in the storyline.

Here are the certificates the team received:

Oh, and to boot, our film was featured in a segment about the 48 Hour Film Project in tonight's WBZ-TV news! Crazy!


Diana said...

Congrats...that's awesome!

Alecia said...

Thanks, Diana! I'm still smiling about it.