Recording the Score

Today we recorded the score fALATIMI for the short film Fate Scores in only 17 takes. Well, there were a few more than that, but the mistakes happened so soon into the take (ahem... Fumito, on take 1) that they really didn't count.

After we unloaded the marimba from the car, Fumito assembled it (again).

Kazuto got the recording equipment set up. He's quite stealthy.

This is a shot of Christian and Hannah in action.
See that music stand on the left? That's mine. It was the obligatory music-stand-that-never-stays-up-and-always-slides-down-really-fast in the room.

This shot shows Jason and Fumito in "the zone".

Since I was taking the photos, I really couldn't take a photo of myself.
But I can say that m. 18 did not kick my butt today. Yesterday's practice clearly paid off.

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