Marathon Sunday

Typically, working at Old South Church is rather Julian in nature: I come, I sing, I leave. However, some Sundays are more interesting. The Sunday before the Boston marathon is referred to as "Marathon Sunday". A special prayer is made for the athletes in attendance that will be competing, a good portion of Boylston Street is closed to traffic in preparation for Monday's events since the marathon finish line is right by the church, and, in general, there is a special energy in the air. I make it a point to walk to work because I want to enjoy its specialness.

Today was an unusual Marathon Sunday, in that there was a marathon taking place today, too--the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials in women's marathon. My walk down Boylston Street was a bit more crowded than it has been in years past.

The crowds soon became readily apparent.

What was everyone looking at?

Oh. It must be these women competing for second place.

I walked with my friend Gloria who lives nearby.
We left early knowing there might be crowds.

As we neared Old South, the crowds grew larger.

We could see the church tower. We just couldn't get to the church.

After taking a very roundabout way,
we met up with some other members of the choir and
entered the church via the back alley.

We couldn't make it to the front door because of the multitudinous crowds and barriers. Boston Police weren't helpful, either. They were telling people they couldn't cross to the church and they couldn't go to church. It only took an efficient 43 minutes for us to walk a mile. Other members of the choir were trapped at Exeter Street, missing part of rehearsal.

I dressed appropriately for the walk, though.

Post-service, I asked my friend Anna to take a photo of me
at the finish line as a souvenir of my trek to work.

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