Diary of a weekend

This past Friday night, I met up at the launch party with members of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project team I joined. The location was downstairs at Lir and it was a packed frenzy.

My blurry photo contributes to the hot action of the scene.

Once we'd received our genre (comedy) and everyone had been assigned the common character, occupation, prop and line, a long evening ensued in which we hatched our plan of attack. Our team's call time Saturday morning was a not-too-early 7 AM.

Equipment ready to go at 7 AM. I wasn't quite.

It was a long day of shooting--14 hours! But we got in several good locations, and the team was lean, mean and efficient, in a manner of speaking.

Director and actors on-set. (Yes, I wear my sunglasses at night.)

I chewed lots of gum in my role--Orbit Citrus Mint.

Laura and me with one of the props critical to our plot.

Then, as I mentioned in my previous post, I got a last-minute invite to a Saturday night Ghosts of Girlfriends Past party. How exciting is that?! It was held at a relatively new club-cum-restaurant in the Copley Square area: towering bouncers; velvet rope; cold, wanton partygoers waiting outside; the whole shin-dig. And I was let straight in! Well, I knew the magic word. But it was quite exciting nonetheless to transcend the common partygoer and receive admission to a space deemed temporarily elite!

With free food and an open bar, the crowd downstairs was a lively and friendly disco-dancing bunch, and I met and hobnobbed with a variety of people, including editors, several cast members, many crew, one of the producers and the director.

After my last post, I crashed for a few hours before getting up to sing at Boston's Old South Church as I do nearly every Sunday morning. I then wrapped up some critical 48 Hour Film Project paperwork. An email from our executive producer this evening confirmed our film was completed and submitted before tonight's deadline. Want to see it? Perhaps I'll post it here in a future post.

I then treated myself to a well-deserved Blizzard.

Not so pretty to look at but still tasty!


Diana said...

How exciting! Did you meet any celebs?

Sean Fitzroy said...

Hey Alecia,
Good running into you Wednesday night. Sorry we couldn't stay for the screening.

The Cambridge Chronicle is running a story on our team this week.

The blog is great. I'd love to see your film when you have a chance to post it!