This morning I auditioned again for the major credit card commercial. There were about 10 girls waiting to be seen for this part, and none of us looked alike. Good? Not good? I don't know. Again, I was the only one with red hair--no surprise there. We all waited around, chatting and comparing our initial experiences because the client was running late.

I was called in first this time though I was second on the sign-in sheet. The multi-bodied client-being sat behind a table, with four heads staring unblinkingly at computers the entire time and one mouth doing the talking. There was no greeting or smiling to be had. I had three reads and I tried to make each read different based on the direction provided. But I cannot really say how it went. I guess I did the best I could given the situation.

Perplexingly, I've just received an email message inviting me to be considered for extra work in the commercial. Does this mean they've already selected the actress and I haven't gotten it? Or, was this some broadcast email cattle call? I may never know--it's not like they call you to say you haven't gotten a part. They only call when they want to hire you.


Sonya said...

Well, I can definitely identify with being the only redhead in the room! Especially here in South Texas, we're few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia - I enjoy your reading your blog. :) I got called back for both "attendant" roles on that commercial and the call for extras was a first-come, first-serve broadcast email...heard through the grapevine that 220 submitted, and they were only going to select 30! Frankly, it's Thursday night and I haven't heard of anyone having gotten a call for principal or background booking...I'm inclined to think they MUST have made their choices by now! :( ~Margot

Anonymous said...

Oops! I was thinking of my other friend Alicia when I just spelled your name wrong! Sorry Alecia. :)

Alecia said...

Hi, Margot-- Thanks for reading! Indeed, it is a crazy business, this auditioning thing. I tend to agree with you--they must have made decisions for this spot by now. We must keep telling ourselves the right project will come along for us. :)