The business of auditions

Today I auditioned for a commercial for a very well-known formerly-all-breakfast-food-chain that seems to be branching out into other meals. (Why don't you ever name the client, you ask? Well, I'm sure the client would rather remain anonymous at this point in the process. And, I suppose I'm somewhat superstitious in that I don't want to jinx myself by naming the client before I've actually been offered the job.)

I was called to appear as a businesswoman. So, that's what I did. I wore my favorite black dress pants and a solid pink collared blouse with evidence of fun, multi-colored striping and embroidery beneath the collar, within the placket and underneath the cuffs. I was quite sharp-looking, if I do say so myself. Upon arrival, I saw a small throng of people in the waiting area, nearly all of whom were also dressed like businessmen and businesswomen. (Yep. I was the only redhead.) I signed in, completed my size card (no headshots, thank you very much!) and reviewed the storyboard which was taped firmly to the table. This one was unusually brief on images, but had at least three descriptive paragraphs explaining the scenario. Clearly, it's a comedic spot designed to showcase the functionality of the new product.

There was a little time to chat with and meet some of the talent in the waiting area, which can make for a more relaxed audition and which worked out well, period, as three of us ended up auditioning together.

The CD invited us into the audition room in groups of four and almost immediately looked at me and said, "Oh. You were called as a businesswoman?" I nodded. The CD continued, "Well, you look kind of young, so you'll read as the waitress." I obliged saying, "Okay, sure! Whatever's fine." To avoid exploitation of the ad agency's idea and its right to creative content, suffice it to say I ended up carrying a stool around the room, following the businessfolk in a harried manner, and, when we stopped, I thanked them for dining chez faux and proceeded to offer them the specials of the day (which I improvised quite brilliantly, I think).

There were so many people called for this spot I would be flabbergasted if they cast me. I think I would be flabbergasted if they even called me back! They're probably seeking a nice blend of "normal" for this spot. I do have my red hair, my youthful look, my friendly smile and my petite stature going for me, though. We'll see what happens. At least I made some new friends in the deal!

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Margot said...

Alecia - did you ever see this commercial air? I auditioned for it too, and I haven't seen it or been able to find it on YouTube. I was pretty sure this one was supposed to be an actual commercial, and the one after this, that of the woman proclaiming the joys of DD from the roof of her house, was supposed to be a spec. Hmm...