Unorthodox Practices

Yesterday was a day of unorthodox practices. Remember that Surrogates audition I had a hankerin' for? Well, I got one--sort of. After some emailing with individuals with connections, I learned that auditions were taking place yesterday afternoon. I really wanted to audition, but I hadn't exactly been invited. But, I did get permission to crash the auditions. So, that's exactly what I did.

After much frantic reading of sides (entirely too many, if you ask me) and the printing of resumes and the applying of make-up and the ironing of clothes and the pinning up of hair, I hopped in a cab and was off. I arrived to find an eclectic potpourri of individuals in the waiting area: two students; three models; a man in a business suit; a really buff exercise instructor; a bike messenger; and a small gang of decorated guys from Southie. And then there was me.

Now, it should be noted that one can crash auditions, and one can do so without asking permission. However, since I still wanted to remain in the good graces of this particular CD and the CD's team, I opted to play it safe.

They were running behind. That happens. I was cool. I ended up reading for the part of the "Female Lawyer", which is the role I felt I fit best and the role I wanted to read. (Never for a minute did I believe I would be considered for the part of "Busty Assistant", so I didn't bother preparing that.) This is the lawyer look I hastily assembled:

Oops. That was the first shot. Makes my hip and butt look really big.
This is the litigator look:

Not perfect, I know. But, I thought it captured the austere nature of the surrogate counselor on her mean mission.

Once that was over, I ran home to prepare for another audition. You see, at Noon yesterday I received an email from another CD--this one in Rhode Island--who wanted me to come audition for a part in the upcoming flick Tell Tale. The caveat? I had to go to Rhode Island. Yesterday. Before 5 PM. Since I'd already worked it out to crash the Surrogates audition, I couldn't exactly be in both places simultaneously. I inquired if I could record the side and send it in. The CD wrote back, "why not?". So, that's exactly what I did.

There was more reading, more ironing (yes, much of my wardrobe is wrinkled, but only at-home wrinkled) and, of course, the setting up of the camera. This role is for a museum docent. There was one paragraph to prepare (with some tongue-twisting words) and a few short lines. My friend Albert agreed to stop by and be my reader. (He played a 10-year-old.) Four takes and one mistake later, I was done. The docent look:

Yes. I wore a name tag. Docents have name tags, right?

How did I do? I don't know. I got the video footage sent for the Tell Tale audition and I think the takes I sent (not all four) are good. It's a one-shot audition, with no callbacks. The audition for The Surrogates I am uncertain about. They were running late and feeling harried. I sensed that, but hopefully I didn't appear too flustered. They gave me two takes, which is better than one. The callbacks should be later this week. My fingers are crossed!

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