Sprinkles on top

So, it seems my industrial video audition was a success. The company has asked me to come and shoot a few scenes this coming week. And, if it goes well, they could hire me for further work in coming months. Hooray! Time to learn lines and dialogue.

Also in the realm of good news, some astute Web hunting has turned up a Dairy Queen that may actually be open and serving Blizzards to order. Quite exciting! Should I choose Mint Oreo? Or perhaps M&M? Georgia Mud Fudge? Such decisions...


Michael said...

Congrats! That is wonderful - I'm sure you'll knock them dead at the shoot.

Oh, and as far as Blizzards, a friend of mine used to bring his own toppings in - namely, a box of rainbow Nerds. (Yes, the line you are what you eat is being tastefully omitted from this posting... whoops)

And memorizing songs in other languages isn't all that hard when you learn what you're saying. I think that's in the spirit of your blog, right? Anyways, I am now ready to treat Italy with a lovely "Nessun Dorma" rendition. Ciao!!!

ellen said...

Where's the DQ?!