On a dark and stormy night...

What do I do on a dark and stormy night prior to a shoot? Iron, of course!

Well, at least for an industrial shoot I iron. In many cases, the client asks you to bring some wardrobe items that fit the "look" they seek. That way, they don't have to worry that much about finding clothing to fit you. So, I wanted to touch up the items I planned to bring so as not to be too wrinkled.

As you can see, I'm bringing a veritable of closet of items. No green, though! We were strictly instructed to not wear green as we'll be shooting against a green screen. No one wants to look like the weatherman with a high-pressure system moving in over his tie.

I'm also bringing along four pairs of shoes. I should probably bring five, but I'm limiting myself to four. They'll go with all the outfits I brought. (I think.) Whew! I think I'm done. Time to wash my face, review my lines and go to bed!

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