Just call me Soccer Mom

Today I auditioned for a television public service announcement (PSA). I'm actually kind of perplexed by this label because the client appears to be loosely touting a health care-related product. So, while there seems to be sound advice dispensed in the spot, the message is being financed by an entity that provides health care products. But, whatever. I don't make the contracts nor the contract language. And I certainly don't claim to understand any of this, either.

So, last week, when I was asked to come in for this audition I was told, "Casual mom." Knowing the client's image and having seen other spots by this client, I figured I would go the soccer mom route. No, in fact, I am not a soccer mom. I'm not even a mom. And, I seem to only like soccer when I'm in other countries (read: football). Nevertheless, last evening I assembled my best soccer mom-ish outfit while dozing off. (Assembled it in my head, you see. I ironed out all the wrinkles--literally--this morning.)

I arrived early to the casting office--20 minutes before my scheduled audition time. If I were ever to profess a love for a casting agency, it would be for this one. The team is professional, efficient, friendly and relaxed. I have nearly no worries when they call me because they always give me the information I need without me having to ask. The sign-in sheet is always in an obvious location, along with the storyboard, copies of the script and any other paperwork that needs to be filled out. Plus, there are pens readily available. At other agencies, very rarely are there writing implements. It's hard to complete a size card without a writing implement, and I'm not about to fill one out in blood. Yes, I always have a pen on me. However, it is a thoughtful gesture for there to be a full jar of pens ready and waiting and begging to be used.

Anyway, I arrived early, signed in, reviewed the storyboard and took a copy of the script out in the hall with me. I feel less conspicuous pacing around muttering lines to myself when I'm in a public place. Am I less conspicuous? No. But that doesn't matter.

Quite soon thereafter I was called in to read. I sat on the chair provided, slated my name when instructed and commenced my read. I felt really "on" today. I haven't yet pinned down what it is that causes me to not be "on". Part of me thinks arriving early and, thereby, providing "too much" preparation time can prompt me to psych myself out. At any rate, after the first read I was instructed to read again in a "not so serious" way. "More friendly", I was told. So, I did. I was more perky, more personable, and I was sure to reference my invisible child, too. The whole audition was superfast; eleven minutes from the time I walked in the door until the time I left.

Truth be told, I didn't look like any of the other moms there. (This is a commonality among my auditions, not looking like the other people in the waiting area.) And, yes, the other women were all really moms. One of the casting associates was talking to various people, asking questions like, "So, Susan, how old is Brian? Seven now? Okay. Seven." And she would make notes on her pad. (Clearly, they are casting for a child, as well.) The other moms I saw had that very put-together "city mom" look--fitted jeans, a heeled shoe, a cute top, nicely coiffed hair. I can do the "city mom" look, but I had opted for soccer mom--flat shoe, casual pant, untucked top and a hoodie, hair clipped back in a seemingly haphazard way. Slightly frumpy, I guess. It's never my primary intention to stand out from the crowd, but it is what it is.

I don't feel I'll get this audition. To date, I've never been cast as a mom. Perhaps I don't have that "mom look" about me. This is not to say I don't feel good about my audition, for I do. I gave two good reads, and I was personable and prepared. This is all I can really do and be. The rest is up to serendipity.

Gap-esque Soccer Mom.

Slightly J.Crew Soccer Mom.

C'mon and take the picture Soccer Mom.

(Thanks for the pics, Diana!)


ellen said...

You should have rounded up a few fake kids for the photos. :)

Alecia said...

I should have rounded up real kids and taken them to the audition with me!