I've got a hankerin'...

...for an audition! Yep. No big surprise there. The Surrogates has held some recent principals auditions and there may be more to come. I have it on the d-l that there are several roles that still need to be cast. I've hinted around with my connections that I'm interested and I'd love to be considered for any part, really, but I've been informed that there are currently no new auditions yet confirmed. There is an open casting call this coming weekend but the description of what is sought could be a bit discouraging.

They're really looking for non-human humanoids "who are distinguishable from flesh-and-blood humans primarily by their physical perfection." Well, I'm not perfect. I know that. I've also heard it tossed about that they'd like "Calvin Klein-esque" physiques. I haven't got that either. I'm cute and petite but not Amazonian in height, and I don't look like a walking stick. The posting also states that "All Actors who wish to be considered for SURROGATE Roles should look their BEST. That means Men, clean shaven and Women having done their make up and hair to the very best of their ability, and dressed to impress! [sic]" This I can do.

I suppose if I'm not called in prior to the open call I'll go. It can't hurt, right? The graphic novel is quite good and I would be more than happy to be in a sci-fi flick. (I'm kind of nerdy that way.)

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