Green, shiny, grungy and fun

This morning, I spent some time in a studio outside Boston shooting scenes for an industrial video. Upon arrival I went straight into makeup, quite literally. In a span of about 45 seconds, I walked in the door, said "Hi!", hung up my skillfully ironed outfits and sat down in the makeup chair to a super-nice artist. While seated, the client walked in, we made introductions, and she went to peruse my outfit options. After makeup, I went to the wardrobe room to find the client having selected my outfit (Not to be the final one, though. I changed three times.) and chatting with another actor who had just arrived--with a rather rumpled wardrobe. Hasty ironing was encouraged.

Once all talent was ready, we waited patiently while the set was dressed and the lights were set, and then we were underway. Shooting went quickly and efficiently, but wasn't too stressful or serious. (Always a plus.)

I have what I refer to as Shiny Face Syndrome (SFS). In many ways, this is good because my skin is always moisturized and I should have fewer wrinkles as I age. However, when on set, this is not so good. It can reflect light. It can make the shot look too "hot". It can mess with the white balance. Consequently, makeup is applied frequently.

Slightly blurry photo where makeup is being applied between takes.

Evidence of SFS the night before.

This also means that a post-shoot face washing can be simultaneously refreshing and grungy. (Refreshingly grungy? Grungily refreshing?)

Refreshing grunginess.

Did you notice that bright green wall in the back of that first photo? All the scenes today were shot against a "green screen". This way, a secondary image--presumably a background--can be inserted in post-production. We could end up on a beach, on the slope of a volcano, or in an office. (The latter is most likely, I think.) When doing green-screen work, no extraneous dangle-ly or floaty bits on the person are desired. So, my hair was quite plastered to my head to avoid frizzy little hairs sticking up, not unlike this.

Self-portrait of the actors where my little frizzy hairs are visible.
(Sorry, Mercedes.)

Today's shoot was productive, fun and informative, and I think conveyed the content of the scenes (i.e., how to interact in business settings.) Will this bring worldwide fame? I think not. I did meet interesting and entertaining people, though, and hopefully this experience will lead to other, even more beneficial opportunities.

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