Funny business

Yesterday I spent a little more time with the guys from the Barbarian Group recording voice over for an upcoming Adobe software campaign. We recorded at Soundtrack. With the guys and the engineer ready, and me set up in the booth, we got down to business. And what funny business it was.

This session contained some of the best copy I've ever had the opportunity to read. It was well written with a very clearly-defined character established. This wasn't your typical ad copy. I wasn't hard-selling a fruity floor cleaner. Rather, the copy was designed to create a first-person experience for the viewer that just happens to feature some cool software. The most unusual experience for me, I think, was looking out of the booth to find the guys cracking up during or after many takes. That doesn't happen often when recording voice over. Most of the time the client is hunched over the table, brow furrowed, pencil at the ready, making visibly perceptible mental notes about the next comment to be made once the take at hand is wrapped. Okay. Could you do it again, but this time say 'dermatologist' going down on the end, like you did on take 17? I must admit, there were two or three times when I lost it mid-take simply because I could see them laughing.

For some reason I had total Attack of the Crud mid-session. Big phlegm. Throat-clearing. I hardly ever have crud. Why yesterday? Who knows? Not enough water? Not enough sleep? They were cool about it though, which was kind. There were also a few more takes of "ambient" noise: coughing; muttering; laughing; mild cursing; sniffling; talking back to the computer. Don't be perplexed. When the spot is cut together, it will all make sense.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this project completed. When it's posted, I'll let you know.

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