I've been hastily trying to learn some challenging music. It's not so difficult, but it is dissonant. The piece is fALATIMI, a single-
movement work composed by Christian Coleman as the score to short film Fate Scores (I was AD!). It's a silent short and, as such, it does need something to jazz it up a bit. So my good friend, Albert (the director), called on his good friend Christian to compose something appropriate. May I just say how nice it was for Christian to compose a part for voice and ask me to sing it!

The piece is written for soprano, violin, cello, marimba and piano, and is clearly designed to enhance what the viewer is watching on screen. We're slated to record on April 15 and the ensemble has two rehearsals scheduled before that. In a exciting twist, we may actually get to perform it at Longy School of Music on April 9, which means I need to get my act together more quickly. I'll be sure to give you all the details about this performance once they are confirmed.

In the meantime I will: practice, practice, practice, listen (to a MIDI production of the work), practice, practice, practice.

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