I totally forgot to tell you about the cab driver that drove me to the Adobe voice over gig! I only had $12 in my purse, so I walked up to the first cab at the stand, leaned in the window and inquired if he could get me to Soundtrack for only $12. He thought momentarily and then said, "Sure. Get in."

Once in the cab the driver said in accented English, "Do you see my turban? I am Indian."

"Mm-hmm. I see your turban."

"I am from Northern India. From Punjab."

"Oh yes," I remarked. "I like Northern Indian food. In fact, I just ate some yesterday." This was, in fact, true. I just didn't tell him it was Bengali and not Punjabi.

"Did you make at home?"

"No. I went out to lunch."

The driver then proceeded to soapbox me for four or five minutes about how homemade Indian food is always tastier, fresher and better for you when compared with restaurant-made Indian food. He also explained that his wife cooks from scratch for him daily. I listened politely. He completed that train of chatter before moving on to ask why I hadn't taken the T in lieu of a cab. I was incredulous that he would ask. After all, I had already committed outright to giving him $12. I explained that a cab is more efficient than the services provided by the MBTA. He appeared to nod in understanding.

He dropped me at my stop without further chat.

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