It's been a busy 24 hours! Last evening, after a nearly-two-hour MBTA ride to a town only 6 miles away (thanks MBTA!), I met the Fate Scores ensemble for a rehearsal of the short film score fALATIMI. I was a bit hesitant because, despite my practice, I was concerned about my part. Especially mm. 18. (Damn measure 18!) However, after meeting everyone, I was pleased to find out they, too, were concerned with aspects of their parts. With that sense of communal relief, we got down to business.

Fumito (Marimba), Christian (Piano, Composer), Me, Hannah (Violin)

Count, ladies!

Rehearsal was efficient and we wrapped in good time. There are assorted other smaller rehearsals between now and the recording session. However, I am confident I can solve my musical challenges before the session. Oh, recognize that outfit? Yep. I was dressed for Surrogates callbacks.

This morning, I joined Albert for an early morning road trip to another audition for industrial video work. These particular videos will be part of an educational video system for science training, which is right up my alley. We used Hugh to guide us to the audition location. Hugh has some strange quirks. For example, directing the vehicle off the freeway, only to direct the vehicle back on the freeway immediately, and doing so for multiple consecutive exits. Odd. Anyway, we arrived at the location in time, but the location was closed. I watched as Albert (whose audition was first) trekked around the building knocking on doors and peeking in windows. We had to whip out the computer to make sure we were in the right place.

Wait...where are we?!

Well, we'd just arrived first. The client arrived soon thereafter and we went in. We each auditioned on the same copy with props conveniently available for use. The studio was cold. Hopefully I didn't appear cold on camera. The teleprompter had some funny quirks: too slow, then too fast. But, it's all part of the game, right? I just play along.


Michael said...

I love following your trek, and always wish you the best!

That being said, I need to correct 1 itsy-bitsy thing. "mm." is the abbreviation for measures, not measure.

Hey, look at it this way - it has been years since I've ever been able to correct you. In fact... this may be the first time EVER!!! =)

Alecia said...

Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael. In fact, I know that mm. abbreviates "measures". But, it's easier to write mm. m. just looks strange.

Go ahead. Gloat. Enjoy. :)