Shoe me, shoe me, shoe me!

As some of you know, I model shoes from time to time. These past two days, I've had the good fortune to work two shoe shows! One for White Mountain shoes and another for the shoe line Rialto. If you think you know someone who has a lot of shoes, check out these closets:

Mind-boggling, isn't it? The first time I ever walked into a shoe closet at one of these shows, I was bowled-over! These must be something akin to what Imelda Marcos saw in her closet daily. No, I didn't have to show all of these shoes. Rather, this was one of my pre-show set-ups backstage:

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. These are sets of shoes, not pairs of shoes. In the case of this particular show, it was my job as one of the models to help showcase as many shoes as possible to potential buyers and other important individuals. So, matching was not a key component. It was only my responsibility to be quick, be cute, be personable, show the shoes, and not fall while walking.

No, I did not fall. I did manage to break a heel, though! But that happened backstage--whew!

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