DQ drama and other bits

This past weekend I auditioned for a production company that hires actors for various types of industrial videos and films. What is an industrial? It is a film or video that is designed for providing training and/or information to the viewer. Many times, these projects are created for specific companies and their employees. My friend Albert and I had successive auditions scheduled, so we drove together to the audition location. (Or, rather, he drove while I rode and provided commentary and entertainment We also sang along with the radio.)

Upon arrival, we met the head of the production company and he handed each of us gender-appropriate copy to review. I played Jennifer, a Director. Of what company? I have no idea. But, the text was appropriately dry and unexciting. It has to be because it must impart specific information to the viewer--it's my job as an actor to make it interesting, personal and appealing.

The audition itself was quick, with one rehearsal read prior to the recorded version. The producer was a friendly guy who explained the standard procedure for his company (the client reviews the tapes and decides which actors s/he likes), the frequency with which he shoots (every five weeks, or so), and that he is currently looking for "new" talent (hopefully that will include me!). No, industrials may not be the most glamorous forms of acting, but they can provide a somewhat constant form of income for those attempting to forge a career in the entertainment industry.

Post-audition, Albert and I thought we might treat ourselves to a little congratulatory snack. Albert inquired what I might want and I expressed a craving for that classic Dairy Queen treat, the Blizzard! So, Garmin to the rescue! According to Albert's English Garmin narrator, whom I've affectionately named Hugh, there was a Dairy Queen only 6.4 miles to the Northwest. Hooray! Frozen goodness with chocolaty bits to be had and enjoyed!
See that small, shack-looking structure surrounded by a ring of dirt? That's the Dairy Queen we found--the DQ to which Hugh guided us--and that's exactly what it looked like: abandoned.

It was closed! Perhaps only seasonally closed, but closed nonetheless. I was crushed. Heartbroken. Anguished. Despairing. And, in short, quite crestfallen. What was to become of the Blizzard I had so heartily desired? Well, in short, nothing. I didn't get one. No post-audition treat for me. Alas! We did stop elsewhere so Albert could get a chilled coffee beverage, though.

Perhaps I'll get a gig instead.


Diana said...

Chin up, Alecia. I see a Blizzard in your future.

alecia said...

Oh, boy! You do?