I am not a rumor mill

I happen to have heard (from a knowledgeable source) that Disney is currently scouting for Boston-area locations at which to shoot its upcoming sci-fi feature The Surrogates, which means that locals casting may occur in the not-to-distant future. As the project is still in pre-production, details are few and far between.

IMDB has Bruce Willis listed as the lead. There is no other talent confirmed at this time. I do know the CD slated to work on the project. From an acting standpoint, there is not much I think I can do to encourage an audition, though. If there is a part for which I seem appropriate, then the CD may contact me. (This is how it typically works, after all.) I did work for Disney entertainment for a few years. Perhaps this fact may provide a bit more impetus for the powers that be to call me and offer an audition.

Do I know anything else? No. I only report factually correct data. No hearsay. No gossip. Only positive, audition-worthy energy emanates here.

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