Awaiting IMDB verification

So, a few days after my last post, I emailed IMDB to find out what exactly happened to my Scuba Bride/27 Dresses listing on my IMDB record. This is the response I received:

Thank you for contributing to the IMDb. A detailed receipt for your update is included below. The information you supplied has been passed to the IMDb data managers for verification.

Updates normally take around 7-10 days to appear online, but depending on the type of information submitted and various internal factors, it may take longer in some cases. For example additions involving titles or names new to the database require an additional 7 days to process. If your changes still have not appeared online after 28 days, it can mean we were unable to verify the information or it was in some way ineligible for inclusion. However, you should also check the processing times page for any unusual delays, particularly if your data was in one of the following categories: awards, alternate titles.

For questions on the submission process we recommend visiting the Contributors Help message board.

Update summary

Batson, Alecia
Actress Credits - Add
Title: 27 Dresses (2008)
Character: Scuba Bride
So, now I await verification. I didn't include a link to my blog in my email message to the IMDB chieftains. Perhaps I should have. I have faith, though, that the IMDB data verification managers know how to use search engines to browse the various pages of the World Wide Web, and they will come across my blog and the 27 Dresses-associated entries--hopefully.

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Michael said...

Don't fret - I'm sure you'll get what you deserve! Okay, that wasn't supposed to be menacing...

In my IMDB entry, after realizing that I was listed as 2 or 3 people, I submitted the corrections, citing sources, and allowing my actual birth date to be updated. They then brought into one entry my voice acting and my short film role. However, they still have me credited for 2 TV shows that I did... BEFORE I WAS BORN.

May you have more success than I did!