All is explained

Or, perhaps not explained, but at least obvious, now. Yesterday afternoon, about ten friends and I went to see a special, early screening of 27 Dresses (which now has an official web site, it seems). The stadium-style seating theatre was actually packed, and mostly with young women. Indeed, my featured bit as the Scuba Bride did make it into the movie. My wedding, however, was condensed to a still image of the underwater event (all of which was actually shot on film) and which has been crammed into a "theme wedding" montage. I am clearly visible in the final scene of the movie if you know to not look for red hair, but instead a pink tulle skirt, a swim mask and a floral bathing cap.

Was there any credit given in the final credits? No. None for me, the Western Bride, the L.A. Bride, the Japanese Bride, or the Gone With The Wind Bride. Ah, well. Now I know why this role is no longer listed for me at IMDB.


Chemi Che-Mponda said...

Nice blog! Hope to see you at the auditions!

alecia said...

Thanks, chemi. Perhaps I'll see you around!