Wait! What happened?

So, last night I was showing my father my page at IMDB when I noticed--to my shock--that my listing in 27 Dresses is mysteriously missing. Missing! I couldn't believe it. For weeks--months, quite possibly--my name has been linked to this film, making me only one-degree separate from household names like those of Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. And now it is no longer there. Gone, as though I have never existed.

Does this mean my Scuba scene been clipped from the film entirely? Have the IMDB censors obliterated all seemingly unsubstantiated entries? Has the 27 Dresses consortium conspired to blot out the little man in order to sway future reviews of the film? Could the illustrious stars of the film fear my potential to surpass them in ascendancy of household name recognition?

I think I may have to write a little email message to my IMDB friends just to find out what has happened. Perhaps they have not been following my blog postings so closely...

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