Surviving callbacks

I've just recently received word that I've been called back for a second audition for a lead role in what appears to be a promising short film. I still don't know much about the plot or when it may begin to shoot, but I have to say I was surprised to receive the callback. I felt rather bad about my initial audition, though I did do my best given the circumstances (e.g., no information in advance; waiting around for more than an hour; waiting in a freezing location; having driven for more than 90 minutes to get there). The first audition took so long that I was actually quite frustrated upon leaving, and I was truly and vocally adamant in my indifference regarding the potential for a callback. I didn't care if I was called back and, in fact, I don't think I wanted to be called back. I suppose that has changed, now.

I've actually been given pages from the script so I should probably do work on them, like, now. And it would probably help if I decided to like the project, right? Meaning: I might need to relinquish the exasperation and annoyance I was experiencing earlier in order to do a good job in this second round. Breathing may be essential.

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Gene said...

That was a pretty rough drive, wasn't it? Long day too.