Shrewd Newsiness

This past weekend, I had a most unusual experience. A young journalist, writing a story about actors who blog about their experiences, happened across my blog as part of his intrepid research. He wanted to interview me as part of his story. And, being the helpful girl I am, I agreed to meet him at a local coffee shop to chat.

That slushy and damp evening, I stopped into L'Aroma Cafe to find a youthful guy in his very best All the President's Men attire prepping his handheld voice recorder for our little conversation. He warmly greeted me (no glad-handing, I think), and we got down to business straightaway. He--let's call him John--John asked me:

  • when I began to blog (several months ago)
  • why I began to blog (so people could read about my experiences straight from this horse's mouth)
  • any unusual events that resulted from my blogging (this interview is one, to be sure!)
  • what I hoped my blog to achieve (to show people what this industry is really like)
  • and if there were any plugs I wished to make (visit aleciabatson.com, I said, and click on blog!).
He also wanted to know what I'd been up to in my career, recently, how I felt about the industry in the area, and if I planned to stay in New England. Each of my answers was duly punctuated with John's thoughtful, "I see...", while he quickly jotted notes in his journal. It was quite surreal.

John seems like a genuinely good guy with a promising career ahead of him, having already been published in a few well-known papers. I am interested to see the final product. Keep your eye out for the story--it may appear in this very blog! Oh, and it may appear in the Boston Globe, as well.

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