Nature vs. Nurser

Today I auditioned for an industrial video. It's not often that I audition for this type of project simply because I don't frequently fit the profile of the role that is being cast, or I don't fit the target demographic of the project. However, when I am called in for such a project, it's typically for a character of a caring, compassionate nature such as a nurse. In my last industrial gig I played the part of a nurse. And today was no exception--I auditioned for the role of...a nurse.

The copy was a bit specific, so I was glad to have arrived with about 20 minutes to prepare prior to my call time. We were being called into the room in pairs, and there were about eight people in the waiting area. So, I spent much of my time pacing the hallway outside, and mumbling my lines to myself. It was interesting to view the variety of talent that had been called in to audition--a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds were about, chatting with each other, rehearsing with a partner, or muttering to oneself, as many actors do.

My scene partner and I were called into the audition room to find the client at the table welcoming us. We each slated our names for the camera and then began our scene. At first, I stumbled over my first few sentences, surprising myself in doing so. Soon thereafter, the conversation of the scene began to flow freely and before we knew it, we were done. When in the moment, there were a few pauses that seemed unnaturally and awkwardly long to me, but I believe in the scheme of things they appeared as thoughtful pauses. Pairs before us were in the room for a longer period of time--perhaps they were given direction? We were not given direction. Were we that great? We were told we were great. Were we terrible? Were we not the type they were seeking? Will he or I get the gig? We may never know.

What I want to know is this: do I really look so much like a nurse?

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